Jilli Worth

There are three things that have been consistently consistent throughout my married life of 16 years: 

1. I am a city girl.
2. My husband travels.
3. God thinks it’s fun to turn my life upside down.

I grew up in suburbia. I loved having neighbors close and riding our bikes to eat tacos down the street. Sirens and cars flying past my backyard were the norm. I did not enjoy anything country, nor any of the bugs, dirt, or animals that came with it. I work in the Nulu area of downtown and I love it. The city was home.

I’ve been married for 16 years and throughout those 16 years, my husband has always traveled. We dated in high school, long-distance through college, then soon after getting married, it began. Sometimes just a night a week, sometimes three. And in year 14, he took a promotion that moved him to Paducah, KY. With a daughter in 3rd grade, my own business here, and family - it was not really an option for us to follow. It was a three-year commitment. We’d say hello on Friday evening, and goodbye on Sunday. It was a long year. It felt lonely, chaotic, stressful, and hopeless if I looked too far down the road. I missed my husband. My daughter missed her Daddy. She was growing up and he was missing it. We were a family, but together not much more than 48 hours a week. I’m the kind of the person who likes order. I like all pieces of the puzzle to fit and solve all the world’s problems before I go to sleep. But in this, our long distance life, I just couldn’t fix. It was then that my pleading began. Begging the Lord for either my heart to accept moving, or for my husband’s job to change… and change it did.

It unfolded like a movie. My husband left a loved company, faithfully giving them 12 years and accepted a new job in Louisville with a competitor. He sacrificed something he loved and worked so hard for, to put his family first. And oh how the Lord has blessed him because of that decision. The Lord decided that we would still be moving, but not in the way we expected. A year of no, no, no, and doors slamming shut, lead to the most amazing "YES".

So, remember me telling you that I am a city girl? Well, God has a wonderful sense of humor. After 14 years in the same little suburbia house, my outdoor loving husband and horse loving daughter found us a new place to live. We just celebrated our one year anniversary of Fellowcould Farm. Named after my Grandfather, fifteen acres with 8 pastures to be mowed with a tractor - 2 horses to be fed, cleaned up after, and cared for - 11 ducks and 25 chickens that we’ve raised from babies, 4 cats, a dog - a garden almost as big as my last house, dirt, bugs, and wildlife galore. We jumped in the deep end without knowing how to swim and have loved every single minute. When you let go and decide to let God take the reins, He may not give you what you want… He may just give you something even better.