In 2015 we started asking the question, “What if”? 

What if we created a space where women from all ages and backgrounds, personality and style, color and vibrancy, could unite and tap into their limitless potential in Christ?

What if she experienced an undeniable encounter with the Creator of galaxies, right here, under our roof?

What if that encounter was the catalyst that encouraged her to dream bigger, grow deeper in her faith and climb outside of her comfort zones.

What if we had the opportunity to look into her eyes and tell her that she was born for more than what is temporal and fleeting?

What if the moment she stepped foot into this experience, she knew she was unconditionally loved and 100% welcomed and accepted?

What if this became a global movement of strong and courageous women ready to shake the earth below them? What if?

After several years of dreaming, praying, and creating we started to see God water the seeds of our dreams. One day we looked around and saw our dream and vision in Bloom. It was undeniable that God was breathing life into the fibers and facets of our dreams. But this is just the start of something great. We know there are more seeds to be planted, preparation to be done, and soil to be watered. 

You're invited to join our community of women who strive to be completely surrendered, entirely secure, fully alive, and living to bring God glory.


2018 Recap