Bloom Conference
Bloom Conference
Designed to help nurture a faith that constantly grows and develops.

Bloom is a conference designed for all women, to nurture a faith that is constantly growing and developing.



This is your moment to step back, pause, and be refreshed.

Within that pause, we're believing God will whisper to your soul in ways you have yet to experience.  As heaven is reaching down to embrace you, we pray you would  personally know how valued and important you are, that the potential within you will emerge, flourish, and touch the world as intended.

Amidst the fun and laughter, the worship and wonder, the inspired teaching and the down-to-earth girl-time, we know that you will find wisdom and strength to engage the future with a smile that is captivating. 

We love you and are believing for you life, family, and world to be crowned with His goodness. 

Where is it held?

Everything you need to know is right here...

Breathing dreams like air.

We dreamt of an experience where women of all ages and backgrounds could come together and shake the earth with their dreams. That Bloom would be a company of women, responsive and willing to make the world a better place.

Inside her was a story waiting to be told...


Rina Gratz

It took a long time for God to convince me that I am ready for the work that He has planned for me because he will equip me, and not because I have somehow gotten myself qualified...


Laura Setters 

In earth was completely shattered when I lost my amazing mother, Beth, to cancer on February 2, 2013. She loved Jesus very much and I know without a doubt where she is, but life without her here is just never going to be the same...


Hanna Benjamin

Becoming a mother changed me. I wanted to be better for my daughter. I wanted to raise an Esther & I knew I had to be the example I wanted my daughter to see. I decided church on Sunday was not enough. 



Anne Bradshaw

I am a refugee from Vietnam. My family and I were sponsored by members of a Lutheran church to Lansing, MI in 1975. Both my parents have passed away and are buried in Orlando, FL. Dad never finished HS because to joined the army to fight against the communist. My mom was uneducated and raised 10 children..




God has entrusted her with a powerful purpose.